Using spray painting equipment and heavy duty anti-corrosive steel primers, we’ll help protect your freshly blasted job against rust. And of course it goes without saying, the more severe the environment, the greater degree of surface preparation we’ll undertake.  

We use a range of products specialising in corrosion control with weather, chemical and abrasion resistant coating systems for steel, alloys and concrete surfaces.

Abrasive Blasting​

Abrasive Blasting is the ideal solution for the removal of rust, scale or paint from fabricated components. Blasting is an essential step in surface preparation prior to painting, bonding or other coating operations.   

We have a purpose built blasting booth on site providing an ideal workspace and optimum conditions to achieve thorough removal and the highest quality finish.


Mobile Blasting

Our experienced team and portable compressor are available to come to you to remove paint, rust and other contaminants safely at your own site. Examples of mobile jobs include concrete swimming pool blasting, structural steel in place and marine antifoul removal.